GIVE AWAY BRIGHT SMILES - 10 Home Teeth Whitening Kits !

Nu Smiile (ft. Lazy Queen) Limited Edition

Hey Sisterssssssss, If you care your SMILE and you love staying home 24/7, you are in the right place. Chillization is now giving away 10 Nu Smiile Teeth Whitening Kits Lazy Queen Edition :)


One of the most important features of our face is SMILE. And what makes a great smile? Bright and White teeth :)

Whitening is not a one-time procedure. It will need to be maintained from time to time.

If you want to know how eating some of your favourite food can help you maintain your white smile. You should definitely check out What Foods Can Whiten Your Teeth Naturally.

Although you can eat certain food to whiten your teeth, the process may be slow and not significant. Using teeth whitening products not only can speed up the whitening process, the gel also contain many ingredient that can help improve your gum and oral health.

The outer layer of a tooth is the enamel. Everyday, a thin coating forms on the enamel and picks up stains. The most common reason for stained teeth are, smoking, drinking coffee, red wine. Other than going to dental office to whiten your teeth, a home teeth whitening can also maintain your bright smile :)

Real Home Gal stays home 24/7

Nu Smiile Home Teeth Whitening incorporates the LED technologies and NATURAL whitening gel formulations to remove teeth stains at home.

The gel formula has been developed to whiten your teeth at home and deliver results in just 20 minutes.

Provided with a shade guild, you can easily track your progress. On average, the result can be 6 shade whiter.

The main active ingredients to whiten your teeth are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

They are commonly used in dental office whitening gel. The only differences is the gel which was used in dental office have a higher concentration of peroxide. The LED helps activate the peroxide that whiten your teeth and other ingredients such as Xylitol helps with general oral health.


Some of the biggest concern you might have for teeth whitening products are: Will it cause sensitivity or damage the tooth enamel?

Nu Smiile teeth whitening gel is PH neutral with Natural Ingredients , has no silica and contains xylitol to help neutralize harmful bacteria.


Most of the problems with tooth enamel damage are typically associated with acidic products and abrasives and 98% of users find no sensitivity using the gel.

(If you want to know more about how products like Activated Charcoal can damage you enamel you should definitely read Why Whitening Your Teeth With Activated Charcoal Is A Bad Idea ?


On top of that, if you have caps, crowns or veneers, it’s completely safe, the gel will not harm any of those and will remove the stains that have accumulated over time and returning them to their original colour.


Generally speaking, people enjoy in-office teeth whitening because they want to do it right. That’s very true, the concentration of the whitening agent used in dental office is usually higher in concentration. Therefore resulting in faster result.

The only two issue you might encounter while teeth whitening are gum irritation and teeth sensitivity. As the gel touches your gum irritation might develop. However, because of the low concentration of the bleach, gum irritation is very rare.


Every Home Teeth Whitening Kit comes with a Lazy Queen Storage box, 2 Whitening Gel Syringes, Blue LED Light, Custom Mouth Tray,Storage Case, Travel Bag, Shade Guide and Step by Step Instruction ! :)



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